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What is a precious metals IRA?

Like any IRA (Individual Retirement Account) but the asset in which your capital is held is physical metals for example gold. IRA’s hold certain tax advantages and are designed to help you save for your retirement. IRA’s are based on a variety of assets, for example some banks may simply trade with stocks or currencies, however with precious metals there is usually far more security due to the historic stable price of metals such as gold. Precious metal IRA’s are commonly found in gold, silver platinum and palladium.

Security in precious metals

Fact, all assets can be hit by economic turmoil, uncertainty, recessions and literally hundreds of factors, even precious metals. However unlike stocks or bonds or currencies precious metals such as gold have always proven to bounce back, simply because most other assets such as stocks can become worthless if the company they are tied to goes bust. Gold will remain strong unless a planet of gold is found and we are then able to mine it, simple supply and demand.


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401k To Gold IRA Rollover

Before starting your journey over to Gold IRA’s it may be useful for you to understand how the 401K rollover process starts. We will also discuss the benefits of an IRA givig a full IRA vs 401K overview. It is of importance for us to answer the vital question of “what is a rollover IRA“.  There are also differnt types of rollover IRA’s such as a self directed IRA and a Roth IRA. Obviously all our IRA’s allow you to buy any bullions be it gold, silver, platinum or palladium, as it is not solely a gold IRA but a precious metals IRA. Our guide and experts can help assist you in how to transfer 401k to IRA. We will ensure to take you through all the 401k rollover rules to ensure the process is completed swiftly and without problem.

If you are looking for more information on how to rolling over your 401K to one of our Precious metals IRA then please read more about this in the following here….

Rollover your 401K to A precious metals IRA – complete guide and FAQ’s

Digital Currency IRA

We now assist with Bitcoin or digital currency IRA. Since 2014 the IRS considers Bitcoin and Ethereum as property (taxable asset) for the purpose of being able to tax you on any bitcoin or digital currency you may hold. Crypto-currency is an effective way of diversifying your investment portfolio, the same way in which precious metals is also good as they are separate to finance, stocks and bonds. We have much more information about Bitcoin IRA, simply click the link below and hopefully you will find answers to any question you may have. As a quick summary Bitcoin is a positive asset for your IRA because it is still relatively young with huge potential, it is decentralised from any bank or government and like gold its value does not correlate with the dollar.


To open one of our precious metals IRA accounts you will need to have a minimum of $10k to invest with, once the account is setup you can choose between a number of bullions in a number of precious metals. Some types of bullions can be seen below.


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Gold is the “Gold” standard of all currency as it is both stable and universal and has been for thousands of years, meaning investing in gold has always been a stable investment. Currently gold is the most valuable of the precious metals, out valuing even platinum and palladium. This value is driven by a number of factors, firstly its demand in technology and science is forever growing, for example high quality headphone jacks are gold plated. Secondly the luxury items market has always been a big customer of gold and continues to do so. Thirdly more whale sized investors are turning to gold to hold their assets, this includes most countries which hold nations wealth in gold bars (look at fort know for example) . It is also far rarer than people think, most house hold gold is very thin and mixed with other alloys, but all the gold mined in the world is equal to just 3.42 swimming pools. For more information into our gold IRA enquire now in the link below.


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Silver is widely overlooked having been in golds shadow far too long. It is this shadow that has helped hugely undervalued the precious metal. Silver is still a rare metal and is crucial in many industries. It is a matter of time before more investors realise that the value of silver is far greater than its current going price, this is this why we recommend investing in silver while it is still cheap. Once large Investors start buying in bulk then the value will soar to where it should be. Silver may be seen as a 2nd place prize for many, however it could easily become first place for precious metal investment yields. Considering the idea of your silver IRA is to gain value until your retirement (maybe in 10 years) now may be a good time to open your silver IRA.


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Platinum is another metal largely overlooked by many investors. It is considerably rarer than even gold and is also incredibly hard to mine, being both energy and capital intensive to extract. Its true rarity is unknown as there is still serious doubt about how much is available in our planet, many predicting there is far less than we think. It is used heavily in the industrial market and its true potential is still being discovered as more uses are being found for it. As an asset class it has performed admirably, going from $300 in 2000 to £1,250 in 2009. The best way to invest in platinum is to physically own it and then sit on it, however there is far less platinum available than gold or silver making it harder to come by for investors. Investing in platinum is a great addition to any portfolio, for this reason we highly recommend a platinum IRA.

Q:  Can I invest in gold or silver with my Roth IRA?

A: Yes, this is what we do for many of our clients. There are however some rules surrounding this, for example gold coins can be invested in 1 ounce 1/2 ounce 1/4 and 1/10 ounce and silver coins of 1 ounce that are minted by the U.S. treasury department, along with other bullion’s as long as they meet IRS requirements. These requirements surround the purity of the coins and that they cannot be part of a collectors set.

Q: Why should I get a precious metals IRA?

A: The most common reasons for anyone opening a precious metals IRA are firstly they benefit from certain tax benefits, the tools allow you to enjoy tax-deferred and tax free growth on your investment. Secondly the precious metals are more stable than stocks or bonds which rely on companies to maintain value, but companies go through all kinds of financial turmoil effecting the value of those stocks or bonds.

Q: Can I invest in Gold and Bitcoin

A: Yes you can invest in numerous precious metals and bitcoin along with other crypto-currency such as Ethereum or CasinoCoin. Some custodians may allow you to invest multiple assets in one account, whereas others may require you to open multiple IRA accounts. ultimately it does not matter how many IRA accounts you have, it may benefit you to have multiple accounts in some scenarios. 

Q: What is a precious metals IRA?

A: Precious metals IRA’s work the same as any other Individual Retirement Account with the distinct difference that the asset is of a precious metal, usually gold, silver, platinum or palladium. There are however gold or silver specific IRA’s where you can only stick with one type of precious metal, most commonly gold. Precious metal IRA’s have a distinct advantage over stock or bond IRA’s simply due to the historic price stability.

Q: How do I set up a precious metals IRA?

A: This process can be simpler than you think, firstly you need to contact an IRA custodian, you can do this by contacting us with any of the forms on this website. We can then guide you through the rather simple process. Firstly you deposit your funds into an IRA account that we have created then we can help put an order in for your bullions. For more details on this you can request our free Gold IRA Guide.