Gold, Precious Metals & Bitcoin IRA

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Here at getTheMidasTouch we aim to do just that, turn your assets into Gold, be it cash, stocks, bonds or your 401K. We offer Individual Retirement accounts and direct Bullion purchases if for any reason you do not wish your bullion’s to only be available in your retirement. We can offer our clients a complete step by step service in all matters to your investment, so if you have come here not having a single idea about how to start, then do not fear, contact us today or simply your guide from the box at the top of the page.

Everything we offer involves turning your assets into precious metals for a good reason, it is profitable for both you and us. By showing you that bullion’s are the safest way to invest we rely on you to have good reason to keep you investing with us, therefore your needs are paramount to us. We do not simply sell you a product, but we take care of it for you over the course of many years.

401K Rollover

For the vast majority of Americans buying bullion’s is simply too expensive with gold going for many of thousands of dollars for a small amount that can fit into your hand. However what most of us do not realise is that we do have these levels of funds sitting in our retirement plans. Initially it may be daunting for anyone to hand over their entire retirement, however we do not do this likely, it is actually far more secure. With a traditional 401K your money can be used in a number of different investments, so perhaps stocks or bonds, the value of which is tied to the fate of a particular company, and as we know markets can crash and even the largest corporation can go bust. Precious metals however most noticeably Gold has remained stable, sure the price can fluctuate, however can you imagine gold ever going bust or having no value at all? of course not it is a limited resource which is extremely rare, and as human kind evolves, cities are built and populations grow there are less of these resources to go around. Gold can only ever increase in value. This is why we highly recommend a precious metals IRA over your 401K.

Roth IRA Conversion

If you already hold an IRA account be it precious metals or any other traditional IRA and you are looking to transform it into a Roth IRA then we can help assist you. Traditionally high earners have struggled to open a Roth Individual Retirement Account due to specific regulations, however with a conversion it is possible for those higher income personnel to posses a Roth account. Certain rules must be followed and taxes may apply, however if you are a large investor then the benefits of the capital gains in years to come is far too great for a traditional IRA where you will get taxed when you withdraw for your retirement, if however tax has already been paid on your IRA then all these profits are yours to keep. Roth conversion is popular as it allows you to pay your taxes in advance and you know exactly how much you have to pay reducing large unforeseen tax bills in your retirement. Converting can be far more complicated than what we have spoken of so far, we highly recommend you speak to one of our consultants and requesting our full Roth conversion guide.

Gold Investment

Our gold investment services are tailored to each client, being one of the universally most popular ways to diverse and secure ,an investment portfolio of gold investments will always be an important part of a savvy investors portfolio. If you are looking to do a Gold IRA Rollover or perhaps a self storage IRA from scratch then you must first understand all regulations and abide by certain tax laws. To make this easier we can handle all of this for you. You can purchase gold only through regulated bullion’s approved by the IRS, some popular American bullion’s include “American Eagle” and “American Buffalo”, however you are by no means limited to US coins for example “Canadian Maple Leaf” (not to be confused with Canadian Maple Syrup which has no where near the value of gold) and “Suisse” bullion’s  are also very popular and acceptable for your IRA. All Gold you invest in will be of a minimum purity usually above 99% solid gold. We try to give a fair selection of bullion’s both coins and bars, however gold is gold whatever picture is printed on it, and it is the gold you are investing in not the picture so there is ultimately no need to be picky.

Gold IRA Rollover

Our Gold IRA Rollover is not exclusively gold, you can choose between 4 precious metals, Gold, Silver Platinum and Palladium. They are designed to protect your assets against market trends by effectively using Gold as a long term hedge fund against any other investments you may hold. Gold is a constant and by rolling over either your current IRA or your 401K to gold you are effectively turning your assets into a solid secure currency which is used universally. This universal use is only one of many reason gold is so secure among other metals .To rollover to a gold IRA we require a minimum of $10k, however the fact that you can rollover your 401K means gold investment is a viable option for many Americans. Our team of experts have worked with many clients in a hundred different scenarios, from young professionals looking far into their futures to those already with a valuable 401K looking to gain a little more for their retirement in just a couple of years, to those just wanting to ensure their retirement is safe by going with a traditional Gold IRA. Whatever your needs we can help you rollover today, just contact us.

Digital Currency IRA and Rollover

From where it all began with BItcoin and the more technologically advanced Ethereum markets we can help educate you on the benefits on the crypto-currency world, however we also think it is vital that you understand the disadvantages. Once we have helped you understand what it means to have Bitcoin or any other digital currency as part of your investment portfolio we will also help you choose a custodian to take you through the final stages of actually funding your portfolio. You will be taken step by step through your options of funding from rollover of a 401K or any other employment based retirement account. It is important that you keep any investment portfolio as diverse as possible including a number of assets such as precious metals and digital currencies. As digital currencies are relatively new and unknown by many we have put together as much information as possible to help you understand what it is and how it works. We believe it is important not to just learn the investment benefits but to also give you a historical and technical breakdown of the technology as to help you make your own investment decision. Whether you are looking to rollover into an IRA or setting up from scratch please continue to our full guide.