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Investing in gold is no different to investing in any other asset in the sense that you make your purchase and if the gold increases in value then you make a profit when you sell. However it does have some differences, for example unlike investing in a stock you physically own the gold, therefore you will need to store the gold. Investing in gold is more like investing in property or art than stocks or bonds as you also get to choose the specific gold you invest in, For 1000’s of years Gold has been a universal currency and is still used by banks and large corporations to store wealth as a secure form of currency which is relatively speaking safe from currency inflation.

Why Invest In Gold

Balanced Assets

Gold and other precious metals are popular as a hedge fund, basically what this means is that gold moves in the opposite direction as many stocks and bonds, this means when a stock or bond is under-performing gold as a general rule will be performing well, this means that the investor has something to balance and counter their assets with.

Proven Security

Gold moves 1 of 2 ways horizontally or up, it has been the go to solid asset for many savvy investors for 100’s of years. It is seen as a solid foundation for holding capital in the safest way as gold is least effected by economic turmoil.

The U.S. Dollar is Weak

Despite the Dollar being one of the worlds most powerful currencies, in comparison to gold even it can be seen as weak. When the value of the Dollar falls investors flock to gold. For example between 1998-2008 when the US Dollar continued to fall the price of Gold tripled, you can bet anything much of the value of the dollar is still sitting in Gold bullion’s in vaults across the States.


It is almost as certain as the sunrise, when the value of goods, assets and currencies begin to drop Gold remains strong and can even move in the opposite direction to everything else. Gold is almost like a safe haven for investors, like the free-parking on the monopoly board, you know your safe when your position your self correctly.

Supply difficulties

It goes without saying, Gold is a rare substance, but it goes further than this. The rate at which it is being mined is slower than its demand, and it can take 10 years to cut through all the red tape of opening a new gold mine. In addition to this much of the mined gold in the world is sitting in bullion’s. So as demand in the technology and luxury industries continue to grow in this developing world, the value of bullion’s is increasing as they are